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Why Choose Igamefusion Studios

Igamefusion Studios team is well trained in web & mobile video game technology on both IOS and Android devices. It’s a complete mobile video game development studio, develops website designs, Graphic designs, and familiar applications like Virtual reality, Augmented reality. We understand the trends and forces always allow us to best technical support to prepare for what’s to come. We always prepare for tomorrow and today.

12 Years Experience in Mobile Apps And Game Development

In our team, we have some of the top web and mobile game developers, designers, and technical experts in any digital platform to build successful products in our studios. Our expert team always researches the latest techniques used for game and web developments and drives to integrate new vision, technical assistance, and project management efficiency to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Mobile Applications

Compete with 100 player on a remote island for winner known issue where certain strategic

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    VR App Development

    VR Technology experience is different from the real world can simulated to entrtainment.

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    AR App Development

    AR technology is a real world intractive experience which we built application through..

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    IOS Application

    Mobile app is eterprise digital assistants, personal digital assistants in mobile phones.

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Compete with 100 player on a remote island for winner known issue where certain strategic

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    Unity 3D Game

    Unity used to build to high quality of gaes in mobile, tablets, desktop, VR/AR devices connect with passionate players.

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    XBOX Games

    Xbox generates games console, PC, web and mobile to attract & trusted an engage players.

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    Android Application

    Android software development is new application are create devices running the android systems.

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Technical Experience

Igamefusion Studios

VR Dressing Room

virtual dressing room app, the usage of trial room is reduced thereby ensuring reduced damage to the inventory. A choice of trying maximum dresses virtually in lesser time with rich visualization on the virtual mirror is an additional factor for a better store management.


Face scan has new technology mobile application become new method of secure authentication for mobiles. Its Social Media Platforms have adopt face recognition capabilities to diversify their functionalities in order to attract a wider users base stiff competition from different application.


Generally programmes that live streaming, its often employed to relay live TV and Radio and events as sports, concerts programmes are output live. Streaming Transmitting media live computer and mobile device as fair. Streaming technology progressive has static media, adaptive Streaming and on Demand Audio & Video.